The “Single-Layer”

The technological process which goes under the name of SINGLE-LAYER for the manufacturing of cement-agglomerated slabs by moulding in an hydraulic press, is an innovation totally and uniquely due to the research and experience devised by LONGINOTTI in this field.

Introduced for the first time in 1996, it has since then profited by several evolution stages, many of them covered by international patents. In 2001 the LONGINOTTI’S SINGLE-LAYER has entered its second generation, with a quantum technological-qualitative leap, that is with the evacuation of the water in excess through the same pressing pad, instead of through the bottom of the mould like in its first version, thus granting a number of real advantages to the process which have already been appreciated by dozens of tile manufacturers all over the world.

This second generation too has evolved itself in various technological and structural details, all aimed to the simplification and to the efficiency and economy of the process and to the reduction of the maintenance cost of the press as well. Each of these details has got an international patent and, by virtue of all these evolution stages, in spite of the several attempts to imitation and even slavish copy, the LONGINOTTI’S SINGLE-LAYER has represented and is representing the standard reference in the field.

Under the name of SINGLE-LAYER, it is meant, in the field of manufacturing of cement-agglomerated products (tiles, slabs, etc.), a technological process such as not to require a second “dry” layer to absorb the excess of water from the wet mix of the “first layer”, so called because it is the first to be introduced into the mould of the press.

The single-layer technology offers a first immediate advantage in the final thickness of the product, with a reduction of over 40% compared to the double-layer product with the same mechanical resistance, with real benefits for the transportation cost and for the handling of the product itself. Additionally, the high moulding pressure and the consequent higher density of the structure grant better visual results when the product has to be polished for application as indoor flooring.

In the most up-dated version of the SINGLE-LAYER technology by LONGINOTTI, the evacuation of the excess of water from the wet mix (non any longer “first layer”, but “single layer”) takes place through the same pressing pad of the press, by means of a special draining plate (patented) and of a filtering system (patented). The parts subject to periodical replacement (filters) are commercial elements, easy to be found at low cost, which have practically no influence on the final cost of the product. All other patented elements of LONGINOTTI’S SINGLE-LAYER technology are not subject to periodical replacement and therefore do not bind the user to Longinotti Group.

The SINGLE-LAYER technology by LONGINOTTI has given proof, in the last years, to be also suitable to the moulding, in an hydraulic press, of products of medium / high thickness, suitable for outdoor purposes, always by virtue of the higher structural (visual too) quality in comparison with the traditional double-layer product.

The SINGLE-LAYER technology by LONGINOTTI can be applied to all presses of the manufacturing program of Longinotti Group, even on the small semi-automatic ones. Old double-layer presses can possibly be fitted for the moulding of single-layer products.

The SINGLE-LAYER technology, however, allows users not to give up the traditional double-layer technology and, to this purpose, the manufacturing range of Longinotti Group includes “single-and double layer” presses (MS/DS), able to mould, with the same set of moulds, both double-layer and single-layer slabs.